Going Forward…

I must admit that when I first started this blog I believed that my url was mine in ownership. I was mistaken and had to make some changes and decisions. It is time for me to move and I am going forward. I do hope that you will follow me as I still follow you.

I am working behind the scenes to transfer my entire content to my updated and fully owned website disletti.com.

Yes I thought this was it, but it is not. This is s wordpress.com site. My self hosted is simply disletti.com and all mine.

I do hope that you all can hop on over as I build a new site, with lots more bells and whistles to enhance our relationship. My premise has not changed. My balanced voice has not changed, it’s just an ownership change.

I look forward to everyone stopping by to read and say hello.

Suggestions and advice is always welcome as I do my best to achieve in sharing my journey of balancing anxiety, depression, stress, and panic and balance that in this chaotic world we live in today.

I have wonderful big plans for my website and I hope to be able to share it with you all.

I may pop in here from time to time, but it will faze out as I build myself a business with my journey. Keeping busy with positive projects helps keep my anxiety in check. That’s where going forward to ownership and website freedom is all about for me.

I leave you with my latest sketch I did recently. A simple leaf that is now going to blow into a direction of positivity and creation.

It is scary exciting, and it is time I get going, don’t you think?

Cheers and see you there…


Peace and love my friends ✌️


Career Choices


New ideas and new opportunities arise every day. Open your mind and let your ideas flow inside your mind and heart.

Moving and downsizing can spring about a new business to run, an estate sale.

My turn for one!

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Without Doing A Thing

So how is your daily life going? Are you wonderfully and happily bored? That’s a compliment if yes. I would love to be wonderfully bored. The chaos of life and its expectations can be a heavy price to pay. Bargaining for this or that in order to achieve some sense of tranquility. How many times do you ask why this or why that? If you have been given an answer please tell me about it, because so far I have received nothing but silence. I guess that’s where faith comes in. In the meantime, to step aside from life’s worries, I walk over to my bird Cotton Ball and just play. He wipes away my anxiety and depression, even for a little while, without doing a thing. Animals are the greatest!

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Hiatus or Sabbatical

I do believe it’s still considered a cliche, but life IS busier and more chaotic than ever before. Whether you are a single person trying to find your way, or a family trying to keep life in balance, it can be difficult. Unemployment versus a job? Some people are so busy at work, while others are bored. Too many people enjoy being unemployed and yet plenty yearn for work and feel that fulfillment within; a contribution towards our own destiny. Are we all spread out too thin? Are we not missing an important piece of our life’s puzzle? We all need a sabbatical, a hiatus from the overcooked way of life. I definitely have needed it lately. I am still on a 45 percent hiatus/sabbatical with regards to nonsense things that originally have no place in the scheme of things in my life. Do you ever find yourself walking a road to nowhere?

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Becoming a Writer

Do you have a writer hiding inside you? What story do you have to tell? A children’s book? A mystery? A mystical fantasy story of wizards and kingdoms? We all have such untapped potential for success, so isn’t it time to test the waters? I know that I have always enjoyed writing and poetry. I have little books with notes and outlines of story. If you have a dream, a desire to become a writer, well I believe now is the time to grab your pen, pencil, computer, laptop or iPad and get going. The world awaits what you have to say. Tell them!

I, personally, have so many ideas that I do not know where to begin. I do know this.

  • I want to write a children’s book with my sketching/artwork
  • I want to write a short story (I was told it can be up to 3,000 words but I’m not finished investing that)
  • I desire to write a paranormal story. Not a full length novel, but close
  • I toy with an autobiography but that is stain the question mark table

Of course there are so many other topics that may interest you:

  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Town and country living
  • DIY
  • Auto repairs manual or a how-to for the modern age
  • Painting or sculpting instructions
  • Financial advice for the busy person. Tips and tricks for helping to budget money in a crunch time of life

Oh I do not believe I even scratched the surface. It’s exciting to me that I will begin these kinds of projects.

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Midnight Frenzy Extravaganza

What makes you happy? What makes you smile? You can choose to frown or to not, it is all up to you. Life is what you make it. I believe that. Do you? It is too easy to be pessimistic and consistently complain about our lot in life, or be grateful for what and who we have. We give and receive, plus we gain or we lose. How we handle changes determines our true character and integrity. I opt to look at life through the eyes and beak of my baby cockatiel Cotton Ball. His rendition of a midnight frenzy extravaganza can wipe away any negativity you may feel, even for just a little while. Take a look and enjoy the laughter.

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Encourage Not Discourage

Happiness is a matter of choice. It has been said to us over and over again. Should we believe that or not? It seems like such a simple statement, yet it can change your day from a pessimistic scowl to a light hearted smile. Can you do it? Is it possible, even if you have been thrown bad news? If you’re a positive person, stay great. If you’re a negative thoughts first person, then I can only suggest that you try. I can advise that no matter which way your day goes, to not let anyone discourage you in your life.

Life is truly what you make it to be. It is your decision whether to have a bad day or a good one. Do you want pajama day with ice cream and consistently thinking about worrisome things, or do you want to get out and try to enjoy this one life you have? I do understand that it can be difficult. Disappointments alter our days whether we consciously or unconsciously. How many times do you just feel like staying in bed or the couch and just binge watch? I am guilty of that too.

What happens when you are the opposite? You are up early and prepare for a wonderful day. Make your mini calls or texts to people to say hello. Some you may have plans with and some are for a little catch up. It has its pros and cons. In my experience the same situation happens every time. Girlfriends come and go, but my Matty and John (after over 25 and 35 years) are still my friends, through think and thin, and they know that I’m there ASAP if they need me. Girlfriends seem to bring competition and discouragement and disappointments. After so many chances I cannot get it right.

I do have one exception, Abigail. After a number of years she’s still my friend. We haven’t seen each other in months (she’s a mom with 2 children) but I’m not offended, yet grateful. I do have a few women friends that are wonderful women, unfortunately they live hundreds of miles away. Unless someone gets on a plane it’ll be a while before I see them. I am not offended, I understand. They bring me joy via phone or text or email. My disappointments are the women who proclaim friendship that are in close proximity of me. They sing a good song, but then disappear. After a number of times I have become immune to their false statements.

We as adults do not need nor deserve to be in a circle of people who discourage, demean, condescend, compete or anything else. We are all wonderful in our own way.

If you feel or believe that someone, man or woman is discouraging you and not encouraging you, then it may be time to take stock of your friendship circle. I had to faze out and delete people and I feel fabulous for doing it. I wish them all well but it was and is time to move on to the next chapter of my life.

I am grateful for my small group of friends, small family and self work. Never stop learning new ways to improve the inner peace inside you. That is my anchor, keeping my inner peace. As long as I have that I can provide myself with encouragement anytime I need it. That is a lovely feeling.

How do you do it? Are you at a point in your life where your circle encourages you? Do not expect anything less. You deserve much more.

Peace to you all ✌️

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